Book Fair Booty

I know a couple of you are curious about what I got at the school book fair...

Cell Phone Gems, Funky Pen, Clip-on Calc

There is my new clip-on calculator (purple to match my new purse), my cool pen with the feathery fiber-optic dealy-boppers (the cat goes WILD every time I use it) and my cell phone gems. I can't wait to bling up my cell with those!

See? I am sooooo a 6th grader. But Andrea, you are also right. There is the GROAN factor every time I go to stand up. *sigh* Adorable grade school girl trapped inside this aging hulk of a body. It ain't fair, I tells ya!


poetmom said…
I've never heard of cell phone stickers. But then I don't have a 6th grade child. That's a great idea and all girls have to razz up their phone a bit.:) Love the pen!

Chris said…
yeah....but did you get the Hello Kitty backpack? LOL
Anonymous said…
Can you get a hello Kitty back pack and add a longer strap - do some adjustments?

Now WHERE did you get the pen?!? I want one so bad! I

Monica, who feels like a young school girl until the body reminds me otherwise. ::sigh::
Liz said…
OMG...Becky...are you sure we're not twins seperated @ birth? Between this entry & the aging 1, you MUST be following me around or something. LOL I soooooo want that feathery pen & the purple (my favorite color) calculator! EEK ~ must find some for myself!!!! giggle

~~Aunt Nub~~

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