Round Robin Challenge: Reflections

This is an 11th hour submittal for tonight's Round Robin. I almost forgot again! I've enjoyed participating in the past and hope to get back into the habit.

John recently got a new car so I went out one afternoon to take photos of the old car (so it could be listed for sale). I couldn't resist snapping some photos of John showing off his new baby too. As he was walking back to the house he saw me turn for one last shot. I liked the way the sunlight was glinting off his shiny new Impala emblem. As you can see, I also caught John's grinning reflection and my own hand (in the window) holding my camera.

I like his new car. A lot! Driving that thing sends me on a time-warp back to my reckless youth...driving around with the windows down, the radio blasting, and feeling those G-forces as my body is slammed back into the seat when I accelerate out onto the highway. Woo wee, that car is fun!

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Coolness! I like the composition here a lot. Adding you to the list...!

Carly said…
Hi Becky :)

It's lovely to have you join us for another challenge. We hope to see you more often.
Great picture. I love the peaceful. :) Perfect.

Always, Carly :)
Dornbrau said…
Very cool capture. And I love the car!
Suzanne R said…
Love this! Very clever and I think the way you caught your husband's reflection is so cool!
Anonymous said…
Happiness always makes for great shots, doesn't it?
Anonymous said…
Now that is shiney!
BosieLadie said…
Great shot! Love the reflections of John.
Anonymous said…
The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


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