School Photos Arrived Today

So, when did schools start asking for payment in advance for school photos? Back in my day you got to look at a series of proofs first, picked the photos and package you wanted and THEN paid. I knew immediately when I had to pay, sight unseen, that there was going to be a problem.

What's wrong with this fantastic photo, you might ask? Before I scanned it in and worked my digital magic on it, Tyler had dried snot around his nose and ketchup all around his mouth and chin. *sigh* Couldn't someone have taken a damp paper towel to his face before they took the photo?!?! Eeesh! Besides, the photo session was supposed to be in the MORNING, before the kids got messy on the playground and at lunch. So I paid for all those prints for nothing. Now I'll have to order fresh copies from Shutterfly.

Oh well. I'm just happy I know how to fix things like this.

I experimented with a mouse-over here. So you all can see the before and after. I tried to embed the javascript in this post, but it doesn't work.


Emily Suess said…
What a pain in the butt. You did a fantastic job with the retouch though!
very nice retouch. And, umm, why the hell didn't they wash em up before pics???
Sara said…
Great job on the touch up, though agreeing with everyone as to why they couldn't have washed their faces before hand, would have only taken a moment wouldn't it!! Still, it's a lovely photo of Ty, what a smile he has :o)
Sara x
Anonymous said…
I think he looks adorable but wow would i be mad about the stuff on his face. In our school system, it goes both ways. Sometimes you pay ahead, sometimes you dont.
Take care,
Chris said…
I hate how they require payment before you've seen the picture. They do that here too. It's like a gamble.

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Anonymous said…
wow,what a difference, they should be ashamed to have sent you photos like that (and I'm talking strictly from a technical standpoint becki, the subject is absolutely adorable and is a wonderful shot of him otherwise)...and to me, the lighting is wrong for a professional portrait, not enough detail in the eyes or lighting on the face. also things that can be fixed on photoshop, and they should have done for you.

our school one upped yours though...they do photos twice now! oh yes, september and april....the april ones you don't pay for (who wants to pay twice?!), but they send the kid home with a great package, photostickers etc...and you end up buying it (or portions of it) anyway! my kid had to have the photo stickers of herself, so who was I to say no?! LOL netti
Shari said…
Wow! What a difference that made!
It really irks me too with the pre-pay for photos. I got Peter's back he had his eyes closed. Anthony had the most aweful smile. I returned them both for a refund :(
That's why Mandy did not buy (prepay) her prom pictures this year. The last ones sucked so bad---I mean, they were AWFUL!!!

Still, he is so handsome!!

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