Everyone's a Critic

I had an interesting discussion with John the other day. I was trying to verbalize a sort of internal conflict I've been having with myself for a number of years. I asked him if he thought I had "taste". You know...the somewhat indefinable quality that some people have that sets them apart from the rest. They know when something looks, sounds, feels good and they can use that skill to show others the difference between quality and crap.

Specifically, I was talking about books and movies. You see... I seem to like almost everything. The critics - the so-called experts - will say a movie is crap or a book isn't worth the paper it's printed on. But I'll see it or read it and LOVE it (or at least like it enough to give it a 3 star rating on Netflix or Amazon). What I am left wondering is...do I have low standards? Am I just too easily entertained?

Here's an example. Tonight I watched "The Punisher". Now this film was totally panned by the critics. It bombed at the box office. You know what? I liked it. I laughed. I was entertained. OK, yes, the acting was really bad in spots. Some of the actors seemed very stiff and the story had an unnatural flow at times. But how important is it, to me, that these things be perfect in a film? Not very. Yes, I can sit back and point out all the problems with the film, but in the end the only question I ask myself is, was I entertained? If the answer is yes, then the movie (or book) gets at least 3 stars from me.

So what does this mean? Yes, I am easily entertained. Is that a bad thing? No. I'm the kind of person the authors and film makers WANT. I'm the bread and butter customer for their products. I spend a ton of money to be continually entertained. I guess my problem lies with my perceived responsibility to the people I recommend these films and books to. I tell a friend that I loved a certain movie, they watch it, and then they think there is something wrong with me. So, yes. After all the talking with John, he helped me realize that once again, it all comes back to my fear of rejection, guilt, and the desire to have everyone like me. Wow. My desire to be liked pushes me to be likeable which, in turn, has me looking for the good in everyone and everything so I always find something to like.

*cough* bullshit *cough* *cough*

What I have really figured out is everyone has taste, and everyone's tastes are different. And yes. I am VERY easily entertained. Anyone seen any good movies lately?


Chris said…
Being easily amused or entertained doesn't mean you lack taste. I am entertained, sometimes, by sophomoric humor.

Now, putting up plaid window treatments, polka dot sofa covers, and stripped wall paper? That lacks taste:)

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Cynthia said…
I heard Mike Meyers say something along the lines once that low-brow or high-brow doesn't matter to him, as you long as it's funny. If you enjoy it, relish it, roll in it, and who cares what anyone else thinks!
V said…
Waitin` for "The DaVinci Code" !!
Unhinged said…
Well, I think you and I are a lot alike. You might be more intelligent, but maybe I'm more ... goofy? Hee, hee. Anyway, recent gems I'd recommend for YOU:

Little Manhattan
(first crush! hilarious!)

In Her Shoes
(very, very good, smart drama)

Very much like The Matrix (and obviously so), but the plot was intelligent and the hero sexy, so I forgive 'em
I freely admit my taste is wonky. I used to watch Pump up the volume over and over as a teen.
Sigh, christian slater was yummy.
Anyways, good movies,
we had bend it like beckham and monsoon wedding here from netflix for three weeks and never got a chance to watch them. Now we have angelina ballerina and the new harry potter. We'll see if we can watch them soon.
I'm a lot more anxious to see Harry Potter than angelina smellarina.
Well, if you gave absolutely everything five stars, you'd have cause for concern. Then if you hated my writing after all that, I'd have cause for concern! ;) - K.

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