I have a confession to make...

I have an addiction that has plagued me since childhood. NO it's not food! Well, ok, yes, that's a problem too, but that's not what I'm talking about this time.

I love musical instruments.

There! I said it! But seriously... It started with my Fisher Price xylophone. Then I had maracas. Next came a fife, a recorder, and a piccolo. Then the violin, a mouth harp, kazoo, bongos, various keyboards, a trumpet, more violins, a harmonica, a ukulele...whew.

Most of these I can play simple tunes on (except the trumpet). But I haven't purchased a new instrument for myself in a number of years. (I've purchased several for Tyler, of course, and he's pretty good with the harmonica.)

We've been trying to be conservative with our spending since our savings has gotten alarmingly low. Then John sold the car and almost simultaneously I got the HSN (Home Shopping Network) value of the day in my email. LOOK!

*GASP!* It's a signed, limited edition, Esteban signature acoustic electric guitar (complete with cord chart and DVD lesson series). On SALE!

hummana hummana hummana hummana...

All reason flew out the window. Look...mother of pearl and turquoise inlay! Real rosewood fingerboard! Built-in pre-amp, Fishman pickup, and a 10-watt amp!


I had to have it.

It should arrive the second week in June.

(Hey Coy! Looks like I'll be learning guitar now too. Do you think I'll be able to play some carols in time for Christmas?? Heck, I'll be happy if I can pick out Stairway to Heaven.)

I'm such a dork. Do they have a 12-step program for musical addictions?


Cynthia said…
If you must be an addict, this is the addiction to have! I love it. Buying a guitar was so exciting for me, even though I can only do a few chords, and my piano feels so neglected. Dad's harmonica is safely tucked away in my best treasure keeping space, and I confess to having a recorder a small handheld harp as well. When you find that recovery program, let me know.
Anonymous said…
you are too funny becky! it's always important to save, that is, until the signed limited edition must have guitar comes along! you'll have to post a snippet of your progress on your blog. i *think* I look forward to hearing it *wink*!~ good luck and have fun!

I'm amazed that you could go through that many instruments (and not mention it before!), and one now get around to the obvious one that most people have!

And who the heck is Estaban, aside from the Geiko commercial?
Tillerman said…
The worst is yet to come. You don't think you'll be satisfied with only ONE guitar do you?
Anonymous said…
Dorkish is the new cool, so play that guitar with 'tude, babe.

I thought Star Light, Star Bright was the first song you learned on guitar ...
Oh, it is a beauty. I love musical instruments, too, but can't play a lick. I just like them.

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