Musical Indoctrination

I think I have established with my regular readers that I love music. I had high hopes when Tyler was born. I played music for him all the time when he was a baby/toddler. Some songs would inspire him to dance (and he was quite good!) He seemed to love classical, traditional kid's music, cartoon theme songs and other various tunes from my MP3 collection. Suddenly, about the time he decided he no longer liked most kinds of food, he also decided he didn't like music.

I could have cried! So, I've been waiting patiently for what I HOPE is a phase to pass. Every now and then I catch Tyler doing a little dance to music he hears on TV (typically kid's music on one of his favorite TV shows) so I quickly try to locate an MP3 of that song so I can play it for him. The last instance of this was while Tyler was watching an episode of Sponge Bob that utilized an old Tiny Tim song (Living In The Sunlight, Loving In The Moonlight). Tyler heard the music coming from my PC, ran over, and let out a frustrated "AWW!" when he didn't see Sponge Bob on my screen. Nope, the song is no good unless the cartoon is there too. *sigh*

Over the weekend, I was sitting in my office at my PC when I heard music coming from the living room. *GASP* Country music!!! Eww! "John? Are you listening to COUNTRY MUSIC down there???"



"I like country music - the current stuff. And Tyler likes it too. He's even dancing to it."

Oh Lord, no. Anything but that!

So fast forward to today. Tyler was puttering around my office and he helped himself to a CD from the rack full on top of my file cabinet. "Mommy? What's this?"

I grinned hopefully and told him it's some of Mommy's music. "Do you want to listen to it?" At his affirmative nod, I popped Volume 1 of Living in Oblivion (an 80's greatest hits collection) into my CD player.

His reaction was immediate. "Mommy! Turn that off! I hate that!" *sigh* I talked him into listening to song after song until he finally said he liked the song Guilty by Classix Nouveaux. Figures. It's heavy on the video game sounding synth. I could play the theme from Super Mario Brothers at my desk all day and Tyler would LOVE it.

Well, at least he liked ONE song. Maybe I can indoctrinate him slowly, over time, into having some musical TASTE. We'll try volume 2 tomorrow.

"Honey? Please don't play Jesus Take The Wheel again. Ugh."


Anonymous said…
Play him some Achy Breaky Heart. I dare ya! I dare ya!
Sara said…
Something strange is happening to our little boys! I caught my J singing Dolly Partons 'here we come again' happily to himself this morning!! Who knows where he heard that, and how does he know all the words?!!
Sara x better buy some country music...

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