Ever have one of those days where you feel this gnawing sense of foreboding. Something is going to go wrong and you are just waiting for it to happen...but it doesn't. I feel that way today; but so far this morning I haven't so much as hit a red light while taking Tyler to school. That, in and of itself, is weird. I ALWAYS hit the red lights. Every one of them!

OK. Now the husband is requesting my attention. Be right back...

30 minutes later: That was different. I almost never get lucky at this time of day. Hmm.

Now where was I? Oh yes. Foreboding. Hmm. Yeah, not feeling it so much anymore. If something weird happens later; I guess I'll come back and update this entry.


Robbie said…
For shame! For shame! Ha hahahah.
Could just be your brain misfiring. - K.
Photography said…
hello becky,

good to hear from you again. like what i said in my blog, i'm in my new assignment now here in southern philippines. please include me in your prayers so i may be faithful to my mission.

be assured that i include you and your family in my prayers.

God bless.

Chris said…
You have to take advantage of that moment when your kids are asleep, huh? ha ha ha

Happy Mother's Day

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Anonymous said…
oh yea, i've written about that feeling too.....glad it passed. nettie

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