The Further Adventures of Chicken Chaser

We ignored the threat of rain and headed off to Waterloo Village today. They were having Farm Animal Fun Day so we had the chance to meet all the new arrivals. Ty also got the chance to chase some chickens. That kid gets such a kick out of making birds squawk and run. Boys!

He also had a good time feeding hay to the goats. I was pleased to see how friendly and gentle all the farm animals were. That's a sign that they are well taken care of.

You can see photos here (check out Tyler's new haircut! He's all set for summer.)


Anonymous said…
the photo of "daddy and the goofball" had me cracking up! especially the look daddy is giving the goofball, and tyler's haircut is too cute, love the bangs!
Shari said…
I love the game farn :)
Looks like Tyler had a fun time with all the animals.
HollyMomWife said…
aww I love the horsey pictures! Tylers expression on that first one is so cute! And I have a love for goats (and pigs) they are just so cute! someday I'll have one as a pet! ;)
Sara said…
Check out Ty on that horse... what a brave lad!! New haircut is cute, of course, love the goofball photo :o) Looks like a real fun day out!!
Sara x

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