It just hit me...

HOLY CRAP! I am turning 39 in 14 days! I'm running out of 30s!!!


p.s. Regarding the moving... We added up the laundry list of things we want to do to the house to make it livable for the long term (remove old carpets, put down hardwood floors, finish the basement to add an office/additional bedroom and playroom, clear the back yard and regrade/landscape to make a safe area for Tyler to play - our front yard is sloped and the road is rather busy at times...yadda yadda). It would be a pretty huge expense.

We decided it would be easier to find a new house that already has all the components we are looking for. Time to upgrade, in other words. It will just be an in-state move. Probably within an hour of where we live now. We need room to grow. Another mouth to feed coming...hopefully soon.


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