This weeks entry for Krissy's Photo Scavenger Hunt (#20) was done by Tyler (age 3)! The assignment was to take a photo of anything we wanted, but it had to be a new photo...not from our archives.

Well, during my recent office cleanup project I discovered my old Polaroid Spectra instant camera. Tyler was instantly enchanted. I went off to Amazon to see if they still made instant film for this kind of camera, and sure enough, they do! So I ordered a two pack, instantly.

As soon as the box arrived, Tyler instantly insisted we pop the instant film into my old Polaroid. After one instant test shot of Tyler (done by me to make sure the camera was working):

Tyler was almost instantly impressed! (It does take a mo' for the photo to appear.)

Once Tyler got his grubby little paws on my instant camera, he began snapping away in an instant. So, for your instantaneous amusement, here is Tyler's entry for this weeks photo scavenger hunt:

I was almost instantly amazed at the result. My boy has mad instant skills!


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