I'm in a quandary. Being queen of the procrastinators isn't always a good thing when it comes to my job as "Mom". Technically, I could have started Tyler in preschool as early as 18 months old in one of the few programs available around here. I wasn't ready to stick him in school at that age.

Honestly, I'm not really ready to stick him in school NOW...but I don't want him to be at some sort of educational disadvantage when he starts kindergarten around age 5. So it's now or never for preschool. I happened to see an article in the free paper we get that school enrollment season started last month. Yikes!

So today I pulled out some old research on preschool education and set about finding a local Montessori (my preferred curriculum) school. There aren't any. The closest will be a 25 minute drive each way. Ugly, but doable. So I called them first. The very nice school administrator took my name, promised to send an information packet and also said I should schedule a school tour ASAP...she couldn't be sure they had any spots left available. CRAP! I could be in trouble...

Next I called Kiddie Academy. They are building a new one down the road from me, about 10 minutes drive, and it is just about ready to open. They aren't Montessori and are more geared to day care with schooling thrown in. I am NOT looking for day care. It's closer, but not ideal in my mind.

Finally, I called The Goddard School. This is another new facility that is about 10 minutes away but they aren't even close to being ready to open. The woman I spoke with at their corporate offices said probably some time in August. They seem to be evenly divided between school and day care...but that day care element is still there.

I just don't know what to do. I want the best for Tyler and I really fear making a mistake. Not that attending the wrong preschool will ruin him for life... but I don't want him to be behind his peers once regular school starts. I also fear giving up control of him to people I barely know. How do mother's who work entrust their kids to daycare facilities all day, every day? I am a wreck just thinking about dropping him off that first day.

How can I do it? How do I say good bye to my baby and let him start growing up without me?

Damn. Now I'm crying again. I am such a mess.

Does anyone know anything about the Kiddie Academy or Goddard chain of "schools"?


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