What have I gotten myself in to? Sure, I want another baby; but do I have to have a completely clutter free house in order to be a good Mom? Seriously! Ugh.

I started on the office of doom today. This area has not been completely cleaned out in probably 9 years (when I got my "new" desk). I used to think, "I'll save that. It would sell easily at a yard sale..." Who am I kidding? I'm never going to be organized enough to have a yard sale.

So I decided to just give everything away. Make a fresh start. Honestly...I wonder who is going to want pounds of free graphics software that is circa 1996-97. But you never know. Some people are still using computers with Windows 95 and 98 on it, right? (Don't rain on my FreeCycle parade, people. Please.)

So I emptied one of 2 book cases today. When the HECK did I buy the Zone Diet book? Eating on the Run? Photoshop in a Nutshell?? A beginner's kit of cross stitch supplies??? Huh. I also have quite the collection of outdated HTML and Internet technology books of various types. Old school text books too. A hand made oil lamp. A sand sculpture in the shape of a lighthouse. Someone might want this stuff.

John pitched in and went through his compu-doodads in the basement to add to the list of freebies up for grabs. We have a veritable warehouse down there. You name it, we probably have at least one of it. Three 15" monitors, hun? Really?! Why, oh why, were we keeping all those old monitors?? Hmm?

Man, I hope SOMEONE wants this stuff. It would seem like such a waste to just throw them all away. Stop me before I put everything back on the shelves!



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