The wolf said WHAT!??

Today, Tyler had his very first school play. He starred in a kindergarten production of The Three Little Pigs (he was the 3rd pig who made his house out of bricks). This isn't Broadway, but it was cute (and the kids are reading the scripts all by themselves). I was filming with my left hand and taking photos with my right, so the video goes a bit wonky at times. Hope you don't get too sea sick. Also, the audio goes on the fritz half way through Part 3 - I'm not sure why. Either I had my fingers covering the mic or the battery was running low. Needless to say, I'm not too happy about trying to hear Tyler over a buttload of static. I'm not going to embed all these, I'll just link them. Very short vid - I just wanted to capture the stage. Tyler's class arrives - also a short video. Not too exciting, but Tyler looks very cute at the end. The play begins. Tyler's best pal Robert was supposed to be either Pig #2 or the Big Bad Wolf (can't remember which) but he's been out sick the last couple days. Ty was feeling sad that his friend missed his opportunity to be in the spotlight. The thrilling conclusion - if you can hear through the static. Sorry about that. I'm sorry, but, excuse me? The pigs didn't make FRIENDS with the wolf at the end of the 3 Little Pigs story *I* heard as a kid. Heh. I like it better when the wolf gets his buns toasted in the fireplace after he attempts to climb down pig #3's chimney. Still, the kids did a nice job for their first production.

Max was VERY good during the play. I was really pleased. We came armed with his sippy full of milk and a snack container full of cheerios. He was transfixed! He sat very quietly and watched the story, only making a couple of excited noises when he saw his brother. I think he might be ok to bring to the circus or to go see his favorite kid's singing star (Laurie Berkner) in concert. Speaking of is one last video of Max enjoying her music.
The ringing phone at the end...? That was Grandma calling to chat. She has great timing...she always calls when I'm on the toilet, changing a diaper, or napping with Max. Heh.


Trish said…
Ack. I'm having a difficult time getting these to load. I'm able to see the start of each video but then they freeze. I'll have to check back. (frustrating) I was able to see Tyler look back at the camera with that cute little grin. I wanna seeeeeee and hear!!
Laura said…
i want tyler's autograph so i can say i knew him when....congratulations tyler on your fabulous debut and the recent tooth loss.
Donna H said…
Awww how cute! I remember those days (only now it's race cars instead of pigs). And I only wish changing the ending to the story could change the world but it's doubtful! Hope we didn't teach those innocent young minds to shake hands with the next guy trying to break into our homes.
Sorry, I'm having a rough morning.
Tyler did a great job!

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