"Can you feel the soft cool grass...feel it with your toes..." L. Berkner

While visiting Grandma on Memorial Day, Max lost a sock. It was a nice day, so we decided to skip shoes and just go outside in bare feet. I quickly realized this was only the second time Max had been in grass without shoes on. This was his reaction:

Heh. Max may love Laurie Berkner's song Under a Shady Tree, but he does NOT like how grass feels on his toes.

And now it's time for Max's word of the day:

Hope you all have a great week.


Two Write Hands said…
That kids got some serious curls. :) Hope you had a great weekend!
Shari said…
OMGosh look at all those curls!!
adorable :) Gianna isn't a fan of grass on her delicate little feet either, lol
Donna said…
That child has the most unique, cute, funny expressions I've ever seen. You are so lucky!
Trish said…
"grass in my crotch." LOL!

"saaaooouuurrrr!" so cute...beyond words. even cuter? mom's joyful giggle! LOVE IT.
Donna H said…
Adorable! Love the slideshow. I'm surprised he likes sour patch kids. I was expecting puckered lips cuz they are soooouuurrr;)
Anonymous said…
He is so cute!!! I love his little voice learning new words.
Pretty little boy...love the curls, wonder if gel would tame them down a little?
Becky said…
How very sweet!!!
thanks for dropping in again.
Yeh, I guess the pedi while dentistry work is not such a good idea for most!
Love the slide show!

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