What the...???

OK, do I have any nature buffs as readers? Can anyone identify the furry new neighbor I discovered eating grass shoots and acorns in my yard?

Ground hog? Gopher? Wombat? He was pretty fearless and didn't seem to mind me one bit. I was able to walk up quite close to him.


BoiseLadie said…
Hmmm... I'm not sure what that is!
ally said…
dunno. but, it is cute!
Donna said…
I'm pretty sure it's a ground hog (woodchuck). http://images.google.com/images?client=opera&rls=en&q=woodchuck&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi
Shari said…
How cute! We only have bunnies :)
I have no clue what he is.
jennifer said…
I say groundhog. What have you named him?
Sara said…
Aww, I have no idea what he/she is, but he/she is pretty cute!
Sara x
Laura said…
do i look like a zoologist? LOL
so what are you going to do with your furry friend?
I go with woodchuck. Tyler should be reciting "How much wood can a woodchuck chuck..." I don't even know what woodchucks eat, but whatever it is, it's neat to see the picture. Margo
Chris said…
OMG!!!! DO NOT GO NEAR IT!!!! That is obviously a rabid tasmanian devil....

OK, just kidding. Yeah, it is a small groundhog. They are harmless.

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This is a very young groundhog/gopher. They are very gentle and he will not hurt you. He may dig a big hole in your yard, but he will be fun to watch going in and out of his den.

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