Master Manipulator

[Sounds of my two boys playing a video game together...]

Daddy? Will you get me a drink?

Uh huh...

Now? I'm really thirsty.

I'm a little busy right now Ty. You can get it...

*pause* [sounds of video game continue]

You know, Daddy, friends do stuff for each other.


You're my best friend, you know.

I am?



I'm your best friend too, right?


And I'm your only son and you love me...right?


So you have to do things for me because you love me, right?

[sounds of video game being paused and a long sigh]

Are you going to get me a drink?

Yes, Ty.

Thanks Daddy! I love you!

[sounds of someone trudging upstairs and sounds of someone else gleefully stealing the spot in front of the computer...]

~ conversation overheard from another room. I think my son would make a good lawyer one day.


Aria said…

he and sarah are meant for each other. What a logical argument.
Melvin Lee said…
Kids are genius this days. I think your kid is really good at mind games. He is smart. You must have been a very good tutor to him. keep it up!
Donna said…
That's cute. You know, when I started reading this entry and saw the comment about "my two boys", I thought, "Good grief, when did she get another kid???? Has it been THAT long since I read her blog?"

Whew, don't scare me like that.
Barbara said…
rofl. That is priceless.
OMG,I love it! Tyler may end up ruling the world with this kind of approach! Margo
BoiseLadie said…
That is WAY TOO CUTE!!! I love it, great entry!
Chris said…
Sounds like something that would happen at our house!

Of course, we also play the game, "While you're up....."

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