An entry from our personal X-Files...

So I've been asking myself lately "WWMD"? That is...What would Mulder do? Not long ago John was outside puttering in the yard (no, that's not the unusual event of which I speak!) and he witnessed a very strange scene. I won't specify which neighbor's house, but at a neighbor's house within viewing/hearing distance there suddenly appeared a score of police cars.

Both plain clothes and uniformed officers exited their vehicles and approached the house. Two officers broke away from the group and went around to the right of the house and two went left. (From extensive knowledge gleaned from repeat viewings of Law & Order and NYPD Blue, I knew they were covering all the exits to prevent the escape of a possible fugitive.) The remaining two approached the front door, waited a moment for the other officers to get into position and then rang the bell.

Our neighbors are a middle-aged couple with no kids that we know of. The husband answered the door. John heard the police ask, in a loud clear voice, if he was insert full name here and the guy said "Yes?" Unfortunately from that point the cops lowered their voices and John could only catch a word here and there. He was also aware that there is only so long a person can linger by the mailbox without looking like a busybody. After what seemed like a pretty lengthy Q&A session at the front door, the police left empty handed.

Naturally as time has passed, our already vivid imaginations have run wild. We haven't seen the wife in weeks (she was quite visible in the past, coming and going. They both work.)

Were the police looking for her? We don't know. But here are some of the theories we've come up with:

1. Husband reported her missing and police were sent to investigate. Since nothing has been on the news, we surmise she left him and went home to her mother. Or left him for another man (or woman).

2. He spends a ton of time working in his yard, planting and mowing and whatnot. He killed her and buried her in the yard.

3. She embezzled funds from her company and ran off to Las Vegas leaving her husband to answer a lot of uncomfortable questions.

4. She passed away under suspicious circumstances but the tox screen didn't turn up any evidence of drug overdose or poison. We don't read the paper, so we would have missed any obits.

Any other thoughts on this mystery?


Astaryth said… you've got MY curiosity up {LOL} You'll definitely have to keep us up to date on this one!
Adventures of an Eclectic Mind
I am sure the extraterrestrials have come for her, and the police know more than we do...
Or he has her tied up in the basement, and managed to convince the police she had taken off for Vegas...
I would be watching for him carring cement bags into the house, too...
Seriously, this would drive me crazy with curiosity.
Robbie said…
"Any other thoughts on this mystery?"

Your town is tough on people who don't show up for jury duty???? LOL!
I like #3 myself, but maybe he just has the same name as someone on the "No Fly" list.
ah, yes, what would Mulder do??

We have been slowly buying up the seasons of it on DVD.

I fantasize about chewing on that pouty lip....showing him some things he's NEVER seen before....hehehehehe

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