Well, we've had some new additions to the family this evening. Princess Peach the mama guppy has given birth to 24 live young...so far. The small fry seem to be doing well, especially since John ran out in a panic at 8:30 PM to buy some additional equipment from PetSmart. He couldn't stand the thought of the babies being eaten by the larger fish. He's such a softie.

Now we have a net nursery area and a free floating birthing tank that has a grate on the bottom so the babies fall through into their own area away and safe from mommy (sadly, yes, she would eat her own young, given the opportunity.)

It's getting mighty crowded in our 10 gallon tank. I hear talk of a 28 gallon tank John has his eye on.

Lord help me. Anyone want some guppies? Free?


IndigoSunMoon said…
Guppies multiply like crazy. If you keep this up your going to definitely have to buy the bigger tank!
Astaryth said…
Seperate the male from the female guppy NOW!!! Otherwise you'll be asking Mommy guppy to eat the babies before long!!

When I was a kid I remember reading a book about a little boy who got a pair of guppies and ended up with guppies in every container he could find... I don't remember the name of the book, but I remember the funny picture of his room with his bed and dresser and almost every surface covered with jars with guppies in them.... Strange the things you remember from childhood {g}
Guppies do breed enthusiastically. :-) We've had lots of them before...
jennifer said…
YAY!!! Guppies!
OMGdss,Guppies! I knew there was a reason I don't live with small children who want fish anymore! Meg can deal with any guppies that float into Myla's life. Margo

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