I remember...

This day leaves me speechless. I've posted in the past my remembrances of 9/11/01...I think for today it's best to just link back to those entries.

Warning: The entries are long (2 parter) and I since my husband is a radio archivist, I have sound bites from the program I was listening to that morning. They are hard to listen to, even after 5 years. The recordings are from The Howard Stern Show, so expect that the mood in the studio was very light-hearted and joking at first. It took a while for the reality of that morning to sink in.

9/11 - Part 1

9/11 - Part 2 - not really related to THE events, but about what happened later that day for us, personally.


I kept meaning to write an entry yesterday and just never managed to. It still seems so raw.
Unhinged said…
I'm going to listen (and read) your entry this weekend. Definitely! Thanks for linking back to it, I know it'll be interesting.

How are you doing, Becky? Hmmm?
BoiseLadie said…
Oh! I'm so glad you re-posted your 9.11 post. My guy had been talking about the Howard show of that morning. I don't know if he ever had the chance to hear it. I've sent him links from the *.wav's in your post.

Reading through the rest of your 9.11, I felt so excited for you and John. I'm sure God had a hand in the fact that John was in Anaheim at that specific time. Everything always works out the way it's supposed to. Tyler is the lucky one, he has you and John!

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