Another historic face-to-face has happened in J-Land! I got to meet Margo of MagogoS's Musings on Saturday! She was visiting her parents at their cabin in the Poconos. That isn't too far from my house, so off I went to meet her for lunch!

I love the Pocono mountains. What a beautiful area! The cabin is modest and charming. (What a great place to spend summer vacations as a kid, Margo!) Margo's parents were also charming. It was a pleasure sitting and chatting with them.

After sitting a spell, Margo and I went off to explore the Pocono Lake Preserve. The views around the area are just breathtaking. I could have sat and stared at the water for hours. Margo is great company and we chatted avidly about life, relationships, children and the differences in our respective childhoods.

I never had the experience of a cabin or vacation home when I was growing up. We never vacationed in the same spot twice. It's all a blur of endless road trips with my Dad behind the wheel of our old Thunderbird, my mother asleep in the front seat, and my brother, me and the dog battling for space in the back. A nightmarish blur of oppressive heat, stench, super-heated navy-blue vinyl seats that could melt flesh, flying fur, shoving matches, and dog drool. Add to that the endless stops at every battleground or military memorial on the eastern seaboard and the cut rate, flea-bag motels and motor lodges...ugh.

It was fine, once we finally REACHED our destination; it's just that the journey there was the stuff of nightmares.

Any way, I am rambling again. It was lovely to meet Margo and I look forward to hooking up with her again soon. Especially since I found out she lives not too far from the casinos! *very big wink*


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