After dropping Tyler off at school this morning and spending some time taking pictures of his class romping on the playground, I decided to try something *gasp* different for breakfast (yes, Sara, I am actually TIRED of sausage McMuffins!)

I cruised over to the trade center mall to see if Panera Bread was open for breakfast. I hoped they were. I've eyeballed their pastry a couple times when I've stopped in there to pick up some soup for lunch. This place is a pretty recent discovery for me. Until they opened this new one in the trade zone, I'd never even seen one before.

Heck yeah, they were open. The place was PACKED with coffee drinkers munching on muffins and whatnot. I spotted two things I wanted almost instantly. A spinach, bacon and egg souffle and a cinnamon roll. Wow, they looked amazing.

I raced home smelling warm pastry all the way. Once I got myself set up back at my desk (I am always eating at my desk), my new furry side-kick made an appearance. He was aware I had something good the moment I came in the door and was just biding his time waiting for me to leave my breakfast unattended. His chance came when I paused in my eating to comment on a journal.

He only got a few sniffs in. I snagged him (and some photos) while he was still in the exploratory stages. He did get a few bites of my souffle. Who could resist that face???

I know. I am only encouraging the marauder.


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