After many years of listening to my husband curse and complain as he tried to wrestle our enormous artificial Christmas tree up from the crawl space into our living room...we decided to go out and buy a smaller, more manageable tree. One fast trip to Treasure Island later and we had our new 6.5 foot "narrow" tree sitting on the living room floor ready for assembly.

Tyler had fun helping his Daddy put the tree together (pre-strung with lights and MUCH lighter and easier to handle). Then Spartacus joined in the annual tradition of all the cats in our family...the taste test. Sparty seems to like his first Christmas tree. He doesn't seem to like getting sprayed with the squirt gun as I try to discourage him from nibbling and playing with the decorations.

The good news is, with the new smaller tree, my decorations fill it up quite nicely. (The old tree ended up looking a tad naked.) The bad news is...the new tree is SO much smaller that it looks odd to me. I'm used to my entire front window being filled with tree. You couldn't see the window or my end table at all. In fact, you could barely walk into the living room because the tree extended out so far and blocked the path past the end of the sofa. LOL

What do you think? Big difference, no?

Hmm. I think I'll go make a fire, plop myself down on one of my new floor cushions, and stare at the tree. Maybe it will grow on me with time.


poetmom said…
I love the tree! It's pretty and I think it fits in the room perfect. In a few days it'll grow on ya.:)
I'll soon have my new journal on up and running and will send you the address for it.:)
Anonymous said…
I love the tree! It looks great. It is missing a fire and some coccoa :) I got one like that last year, it is so much more managable then the huge 6 ft tall 5 ft wide one I used to have!
Laura said…
it is different....time to make new Christmas memories!
I debated leaving the big-ass tree packed away and, well, i caved, but I am the one who does all the indoor decorating.
My goodness Spartacus is growing like a weed! I see he likes the tree as much as our Ginger, even in her old age.
I like the big tree better! Does that make me a bad person? ;) Another great picture of Sparty. And btw, is there a way for a reader to tell your blog to stop playing music? On dial-up, it keeps starting and stopping, and I don't like the song anyway. (Sorry!)
(who is ashamed she doesn't know more than a few words of the lyrics from The Wall)
Joyce said…
Love the way your journal has turned out...very nice!!! Love the holiday photos too! Take care,
Gabreael said…
We bought our dogs a prelit tree from a QVC re-seller. We liked it so much we bought a second one for the living room. These are my first artificials. I will post pictures of them at the end of the week when I finish decorating the house.

Sie said…
It does look kinda small. But then look at the bright side.. when you put presents under it, it will look like a TON of presents. lol
jennifer said…
Forget the tree. I simply must have that Elmo stocking. So...which one of you do I have to mug?

V said…
Becky, your Pic has a background so similar to my latest post!
Great minds and all that!
oh but the new tree is so cute!!!! judi
BoiseLadie said…
The new tree looks great. I am with you, the old tree is more what I was used to as I was growing up. My living room is so small, I bought a very narrow artificial tree a few years ago. It's mostly trunk and top half is tree. I should get a photo of it posted, lol. I won't be putting up a tree this year. Maybe something on the table. Gosh! I'm starting to sound like the "old ladies" when I was a kid!
Holly said…
aww, your living room looks beautiful!! Now you have me in the mood to decorate my!

Holly :)
Donna said…
We need a small tree. I like real trees, and it's hard to find a smallish one. I like the music videos you have playing now... LOVE Green Day's sound.
Carly said…
Oh Becky

These are beautiful photographs, it looks lovely at your home. :)That tree is delightful, as is the new journal. Good Work darlin!!!!

Always, Carly
alh said…
argh! at least you have your tree up! i'm still stuck on november. this year has definitely flew by quickly.

i like the small tree. it's so full of christmas lights and decorations. it's a fun tree! -=)
AlbGlinka said…
Both look cozy and festive! When's the eggnog being served?

Your Blogspot journal is lookin' great! Thanks for commenting in mine, Albert
Sara said…
Quite a size difference lol, but your new tree looks lovely still :o) Love the fireplace, and ooh cool pink floor cushions!! It all looks very cosy. Great pics :o)
Sara x
Virginia said…
All the more room for family to gather around!
Peace, Virginia

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