Eventful morning! Tyler came with me to Spartacus' latest vet appointment. Sparty received his last distemper booster and his first rabies shot. Poor kitty! He did well. Then we all went to breakfast at McDonalds.

Did you know that one McDonald's Deluxe Big Breakfast can feed:

* 1 hungry Mommy

* 1 hungry almost 4 year old

* 1 hungry kitten

* and about 10 hungry seagulls?

Tyler and I ate the hash browns and hot cakes...Spatacus and I shared the scrambled eggs...I ate the sausage patty...the seagulls ate the big biscuit with jam.

Why do seagulls hang out in so many shopping mall parking lots (so far from the ocean)? It's a mystery. But they sure do like buttery biscuits with jam.

Later today Tyler is scheduled to receive his first flu shot. He is NOT happy about this, but I think having him see Sparty get shots today too has helped his fear a little.

I've been meaning to post a Halloween wrap-up entry, but time seems to be slipping away from me since we got home from vacation.

Honestly, I didn't have a very good Halloween this year. Between rushing Tyler to school, running home to see if I had everything I needed for my costume, realizing I didn't, running out to Walmart, running back to pick up Tyler from school, taking him home for some lunch, putting his costume on him, running him BACK to school for their big Halloween party, running home again, realizing that the trick or treaters were ALREADY OUT in our neighborhood, scrambling to get Tyler's treat bucket ready and the rest of his costume found, running to fetch the big cauldron of treats...only to have the handle break loose and the 80 lbs of candy (slight exaggeration) go flying down the steps, trying to pick everything up as the doorbell is ringing, scrambling to get some of the glow bracelets assembled, glowing and ready to hand out....whew.

I just flopped into the chair in my entryway, waved goodbye to husband and son as they left to go from door to door, and could barely muster the energy to finish making the bracelets.


I never had a chance to put on the cool green makeup and purple eyeshadow I got at Walmart to go with my costume. My costume is still hanging in the bathroom waiting for me to put it on. Ah well. Maybe next year.

I did have a little fun when I put one of the green glow bracelets around Sparty's neck. He's so small it fit him an eerie collar. He is the first cat we've ever had that is brave enough to answer the door with me. My other 2 never wanted anything to do with Halloween. They hid. Which is a shame since my black kitty, Sheba, would have been a perfect Halloween cat.

What did Sparty do when he heard kids coming? THIS!

I swear I think he was trying to open the door for me! Then he noticed the cute bat chimes I had hanging from the screen. The kids got such a kick out of him and his glowing collar.

Sparty was also my candy guardian. Oh and here is a shot of my little Buzz Lightyear coming home from collecting treats. He got tired quickly this year (probably from all the fun and running around we did earlier in the day) so he didn't make it to very many houses before he asked his Dad to bring him home. So much for going out twice in both his costumes.

Lastly, I'd like to announce the arrival of Charles Samuel, first born of my friends Norman and Danit. Born on the 21st at 3:51AM (ouch) and weighing 9 lbs 7 ozs. Isn't he cute?! Norman has already given over control of the remote. Now THAT'S a good daddy.


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