Random Thoughts for Today:

On Toilet Paper: My husband complains that I use too much toilet paper (probably because of the frequent need for the plunger). I usually use a strip as long as my arm and I sort of half crumple and half fold it to suit me. I use as many strips as it takes to feel clean. I probably do use too much. How many squares do YOU use? Do you crumple, fold, wad or "other" with your paper? I got a free toilet training kit from Charmin that contains a handy paper measurer to show your child how much paper to take (how long). It's about 5 squares! That seems like too little to me, but then my son's butt is much smaller than mine.

On Business Trips: My husband's new company is sending him to Arizona for a week. I used to enjoy going with him on trips like this in the past, but this company is forcing him to have a room mate. Crappy corporate cost cutting! (I tend to get alliterative when I am ticked off.) I made the mistake of telling my mother about his impending trip. Now I've been railroaded into going up there for a August...with the cheapest man on the planet...central A/C, but he won't turn it on. I think I will offer to pay their power bill for the month of August just so we can have some cool air.

On Beds: I think we need a new mattress. I've been sleeping poorly and John has been sleeping on the floor. I think that is a very strong hint. I've never wanted a waterbed - I fear puncture and subsequent drowning. I don't think I care for the idea of an air bed either - I fear puncture and subsequent cartoon-like ricocheting around the bedroom. The memory foam style mattresses seem promising, but I hear they lose their "memory" after a short time (kind of like me). What was I saying? Oh yeah... I want a new bed.


BoiseLadie said…
Wow! You've been here already, before, for awhile! I just moved here earlier this week.
BoiseLadie said…
...or, are you transferring old AOL entries to this blog? If so, how are you doing that?

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