I've had many people tell me how striking looking my son is. I am very biased, of course, but I agree with them. He is adorable! He is only the most recent example of a trend I have noticed for many years now. People with a mixed-race heritage (particularly with part Asian/Pacific Islander roots) are very attractive! I am baffled by people who espouse "racial purity" or segregation. They must not watch TV, Sports or Movies; or listen to Music; or follow Politics very closely. You have to be blind not to have noticed how many gorgeous folks of mixed Asian/European/American heritage there are. Perhaps they are just unaware that their favorite actor or sports hero is part Asian. Let me enlighten them! Here are a few prime examples of Asian + White = Drop Dead Gorgeous:

From left to right: Dean Cain, Jennifer Tilly, Russel Wong, "The Rock", Phoebe Cates, Keanu Reeves, Tia Carrera, Brandon Lee

There are MANY more examples: Tiger Woods, Greg Lougainis, Apolo Ohno (Olympic speed skater and yummy!), Norah Jones (singer/pianist), Rae Dawn Chong, Lou Diamond Phillips...I could go on and on.

Why is this such a hot button for me? My parents are part of it. They are very racist and had a fit when they found out the love of my life was part Asian. The most hurtful thing my mother ever said to me during an argument was "You'll have ugly children..." Like that was a valid argument against marrying my man and was going to sway me. Uh, hello?! My husband and all his half Asian, half Italian/Swiss siblings are VERY attractive. See my wedding post...I have a photo there of John, his sister, and brother. Man how I wish I was part Asian. I would give anything to dilute this hairy German blood of mine. Giggle! Anyone got a razor?


Robbie said…
Hey! You're beautiful too woman! I watered my German down with Romanian, French, Irish, English, and Native American. Yup! I'm a mutt! :-D
i totally agree with you. we should in a way, transcend colors, races and religion and see the goodness in each one of us. hey, it's nice to know that your son has a filipino root. he's so cute and adorable. i want to have a child of my own but i can't, you see i'm a jesuit religious brother. thanks and God bless.
Laura said…
yeah, I found another refugee and cool adoptive mommy!
My boy is egg donor was a mail order bride with an engineering degree (?) and bio sperm was also an engineer with Teutonic roots as well.
I am awed by the clearest, bluest eyes that he has....kind of ironic that he has the blue eyes like me.
All in all, I am just awed by him in general.
I am fascinated with nature versus nurture as he does have a very analytical approach to his play yet he is picking up a lot from his musician parents.
Again, I'm glad I found you again.
Anonymous said…
Your little one is adorable. Don't waste your time listening to people who spew venom and hatred. I myself am white and a bit of a "Heinz 57" (German, Russian, Jewish father and a Sicilian, Roman Catholic mother). My wife is Filipino, and we too have a VERY HANDSOME son. The girls go completely bonkers over him.

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