Name That Tune!

Now it's time for a fun round of Name That Tune with Max! Watch the following video and see if you can guess Max's favorite classical music piece...

And now for something completely different... Spring Training with Tyler:


Spring Training

Looks like the season is off to a great start.


Donna. W said…
It's that Strauss waltz! Is it Blue Danube? Anyhow, it's very recognizable. That boy is going to do some great things, musically.
I think Donna is right.

jennifer said…
The kid is a prodigy. He's either gonna be an American Idol or dancing with the stars. I'll get back to you on which I think after I watch the video one more time.

Stacey said…
LOL, I'm here from Donna, she's right, he's great. AND beautiful. Well done!
Anonymous said…
How adorable! He is awfully young to be singing the Blue Danube Waltz. Can I have his autograph now?
Monica said…
Oh I love that piece myself and it's something blue waltz (I'm bad with names) Wait, I see Donna listed the title - Blue Danube Waltz.

He's great! I love how he's singing that and 'waltzing' around too. He is too cute for words.

Thanks for sharing the vid and bring a smile to our faces.
freeepeace said…
Ack! I know that tune, I just can't NAME it. Isn't that sad? I watched this video on YT and wanted to comment but it was during one of their MANY maintenance-fests which disables all comments and ratings. Grrrr. So cute. He's a dancer and a singer. Look out girl!

As for Tyler - ATTA BOY! Baseball is my all-time favorite team sport. All my life I've had this secret (or not so secret) desire to be a Little League coach.

Looking forward to more baseball pics, vids and stories.
Laura said…
omg the boys are oh so cute!
BosieLadie said…
Max is so cute! And Tyler, baseball... yeah! My favorite sport. Used to love going to my son's games. Enjoy!

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