Topless Bathers

I meant to blog about this right after we got home from our trip, but that weekend was so hectic, I totally forgot! Until I read Chris's post about his cruise trip.

Yeah, men in Speedo's give me pause. But usually I am able to overlook just about every human body flaw that is typically exposed by swim suit season. I saw women as large as I am wearing swimsuits with half the coverage mine has. They let it all hang out, and I didn't give a hoot. Good for them. The men with the uber hairy backs? No sweat. The woman with the massive fake tatas in the barely there string bikinis? Not a blink. The lady swimming topless in the kiddie pool? Whoa...wait a minute. That's a GUY!

Holy jeeze...his boobs were bigger than mine! It was like a fiery fatality on the freeway...I was a total lookeeloo and I couldn't look away! No, these were not man boobs like men tend to have when they are very heavy. This guy was average size and had round, full C cups. I know. You're thinking future sex change in progress, right? No. A transsexual would have been proudly dressed as a woman. This was a very masculine man...with boobs.

I don't know why I was so hung up on it. I keep sneaking peeks and couldn't stop! Maybe I was jealous that this guy had a WAY better rack than I have. So wrong. So very wrong. I think the condition is called gynecomastia. Maybe he was a former steroid user who stopped when this side effect popped up. Ahem.

What ever the case...dude! Put on a tee-shirt! (No...not me. I'm not judgmental! I'm not! *sigh*)

Anywho...I totally forgot to upload our vacation photos to Shutterfly. So here ya go; for your viewing pleasure. And no! I didn't take a photo of the boob guy!

And here is a little video of Ty enjoying his favorite part of the water park.


Robbie said…
Bummer! I really wanted to see pics of the guy with pronounced pecs. Do you think he had inserts put in? Guys really into bodybuilding do that sometimes. Stop working out and those pecs look like boobs, I would guess, since there's no pumped up muscle tissue around it.
Shari said…
Great pics as always Becky!
I can't belive you didn't take pics of the man boobs! Which by the way I would be very peturbed if a guy had a better rack then me, lol! Looks like Tyler is turning into a little fish :)
V said…
Big waves for little Ty!
Unhinged said…
Heh, heh. Cute. I especially liked reading about the production of the movie.
amy said…
No pics of Boob Guy? What the hell?!
Dawn said…
You shouldn't have told us about the boob guy without a picture to back it up! Loved the movie.
BoiseLadie said…
Love the video! And the title/credits at the end of the video were fun. Can't believe you didn't get at least a candid shot of this guy. lol Looks and sounds like you guys had a great time.
Chris said…
Ha ha ha ha great boobs.

I had gynecomastic last year but nothing like that, just a swollen nodule under my right nipple. I had a fun mammogram and all. The doctor knowing that I am a former triathlete and enjoy sports asked me if I was taking performance enhancing drugs....I was like....Doc Susan....look at me....I'm 6' and ya THINK I'm on steriods??????

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Christine said…
You should have offered him a manziere!
It is called gynecomastia. Many moons ago I blogged about a show we watched on that. Some men lactate. There is little they can do to get rid of it, either.

Tabby loves to say that word.
Anonymous said…
gotta love the water park vid. my kid loves it boobs, no thank you, not for me. boobies only belong on us! LOL so I'll take a pass on that one. gotta love kiddies in the water park....mine loves it too! as soos as they finish constructino around here, I'm brining her back! netti

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