Still Life with Sticky Bun

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a snap of something in a "still life" mode.

I just happened to do that very thing over the weekend. Here is my Father's Day still life:

Hence the title of this entry. This happened to be the start of a pretty nice Father's Day - breakfast in bed for John. Special thanks to my Mom for making home-baked sticky buns on Sunday morning.

Tyler has turned into such a ham. It's hard to get a photo of him withOUT a goofy expression on his face (I know you feel my pain, Nettie!) Ty was really proud of the Father's Day gift he made for his dad in school. It was a hand decorated "necktie" that has a tracing of Ty's hand with #1 Dad written on it and Ty's signature orange scribbles added for color. And yes, John actually wore his new tie out to dinner that night. Would you believe not ONE person commented on it or wished him a Happy Father's Day? Feh to stuffy New England peoples. Did I mention we were at my parent's house this weekend? No?

We had a nice weekend up at my parent's house. HOT, but fun. Tyler got to participate in a summer night family cream at Erickson's. Is there anything better than home made ice cream fresh from a local dairy on a hot steamy summer's night? You tell me. I can't think of anything better.

The wait, the crowds, the endless flavor choices... and they even give free ice cream to your dog (if you bring one). It's specially made just for pets and they put a Milk Bone treat on top. So cute! We saw one pampered pooch enjoying his doggy sundae. I wish I'd snapped a photo. But I was busy trying to capture Tyler's first taste of black raspberry ice cream with fresh whipped cream on top.

Oh yes...he loved it. :-)

Happy Belated Father's Day, peeps!


Carly said…

This is completely adorable! :) Wonderful choice for a still life.
Shari said…
Great pics! HAPPY Belated Father's Day Jon!!
Ally said…
too cute! i wish my area had an Erickson's. it is getting so hot (finally)!

sounds like ya'all had a great father's day as a family.
oh, there is something so sweet about the back of little boy's necks...I love this picture...
Anna said…
Beautiful entry!!! :-))
I can't believe how big Ty is getting. Why, he's not a littl'un any more. He's a kid!

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