Test Day!

Tyler had his belt test in Tae Kwon Do today. He passed! He impressed us and I think he even impressed himself with his skills. I could tell he was nervous (we had one "Mommy, I want to go home..." moment, but he got over it.) Hopefully when class starts up again in the fall, he'll be even more in to it.

Way to go, my little blue stripe belt!


Ally said…
congrats to Tyler! that's an awesome achievement! -=)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Tyler.
Becky I can't believe how big he has gotten = ( Still a handsome little man. = )
BosieLadie said…
Awww... He looks so big! It's amazing how fast they grow. Great job on the belt!
Shari said…
Congrats Tyler! Did he get a yellow or an orange belt (not sure what the order is there)
HE looks like he did awesome!
Chris said…
That rocks Becky. Congrats Tyler! I love watching the little kids at the dojo I attend, when they master a new skill.

Now that I have moved up in the leadership program, I am getting to help out with the little kids.

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Yay Tyler. Way to go!
Gail in MN said…
Way to go, Tyler!! Congratulations!!
the picture didn't load for some reason, but

Rei:::formal bow::to Tyler

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