He puts the Ty in Tae...

Kwon Do, that is! Hee hee! Look out for this little fella, he's dangerous!

But seriously, he has been a little hesitant about his Tae Kwon Do class. He has been going for a month now and seems to enjoy himself. But he won't go unless John or I are there to watch. We haven't quite figured it out.

On the plus side, I think he's getting pretty good! Check out my little photo shoot of Ty in action here.

I'm thinking he is sticking with it because he is trying to please us. That's sweet! But I want him to go because he is having fun. I can't help but think perhaps he'd be happier in a different type of class. Perhaps a tumbling or gymnastics class. We'll see.


Ann said…
Check out the side kick! Most kids will let you know if they aren't happy with something. He probably just wants you to watch him in action.:)
Shari said…
I think he will be fine in it, just take his cues. Anthony will freak if I leave for anything while he's in his class, Peter on the other hand couldn't care. Just the individual I guess.
He looks too handsome in his uniform. Do you hate the white yet? We used to have black, so much better, lol.
Ally said…
i don't have kids. however, i would think that he likes tae kwon do. i'm sure he likes the attention? either way, he looks adorable!
Anonymous said…
OMG! He looks adorable! Too cute...we've gone through a few sports with the little one already...sometimes it takes a while before they find one that fits and they'll stick with....just keep telling him you're proud of him and he's doing a great job and let him know it's okay if he tries something else too.... nettie
Chris said…
Trevor dropped out of karate but I didn't push it. Now he is wanting to start again. The instructor and I have talked about it and we are making him "earn his way" back in.

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