Telephone Demeanor

Ok Ty, do you know what you're going to say?


Well, here's the phone.

Faint sound of a woman's voice saying "Hello?" reaches my ears.

"Hi, my name is Tyler. Is Ethan there?"

Faint sound of a surprised woman saying "Sure! Hold on one sec..."

What followed was the cutest conversation ever. Tyler and his pal Ethan exchanged pleasantries and inquired after each other's health (with hardly any prompting from me). They talked about Halloween and how far away it is. They chatted about missing school (both are ill at the moment). They talked about eating dinner and then Tyler tried to say goodbye, but I kept hearing Ethan's voice faintly saying "Oh! Hey Tyler?" and the conversation would continue.

"OK? I'll see you at school. Bye then. OK. Bye. Bye, later."

And so ended Tyler's first solo phone call to a friend.

*sniff* He's getting so big.


Emily Suess said…
Awwww! :)
IndigoSunMoon said…
Awww...too cute! Wait until he wants to go to a sleep over! That first one for Cody just about killed me! I didn't sleep all night! lol
Anonymous said…
This is only the beginning! So cute.
V said…
Carly said…
Oh Becky!

These are the best moments! This entry of yours made me smile, thank you for that. And thank Tyler also. :) Now if I could just get Elvis to talk on the phone. :)
Wow! He has grown fast! What a great moment. Of course this is the beginning of a slippery slope, and in a few years you will be wrestling him for the phone! Margo
Anonymous said…
that is so cute! gotta love the things kids talk abuot with eachother....just cracks ya up doesn't it? netti

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