Baby Girl Dorland 3/15/1966 Topeka Kansas

That's me. I recently found out one piece of information I had regarding my adoption was incorrect. I wasn't adopted through Catholic Charities. My mother confessed I was adopted through The Kansas Children's Service League.

Getting information out of my parents regarding the details of my adoption has been a difficult and life-long struggle. They've always been so secretive about the circumstances. I understand that my mother's greatest fear was that, one day, the woman who gave me up would show up on their doorstep asking for her baby back.

I'm 40 years old now. I think my mother is finally starting to realize that the odds of that happening are unlikely to nonexistent. I'm also starting to realize that if I want more details on where I came from, I'm going to have to make much more of an effort. I need to start by requesting a copy of my original birth certificate from the state of Kansas. That entails a form, a fee, and a visit to a notary. Not that complicated. But I've had that form in hand for 5 years now.

40 years old and the thought of meeting my first mother both thrills and terrifies me. The thought of finding out NOTHING terrifies me even more. I'd better get moving. She isn't getting any younger. I estimate she would be about 58 years old now. Chances are good that she's still around.

So. Here I go. Gonna print out that form again. Just in case it's changed in the last 5 years. Yep. Gonna go print it.




freeepeace said…
Wow. Just wow.

I guess when you're ready, you're ready. Trust your instincts. Good luck with this part of your journey.

And might I say - you look exactly the same (plus a little more hair). Beautiful.
Funny how life leads us to places we need to be and people that we have to at least try to find. I am sooy that your mother has not be more forthcoming about your history. It leave an open place in your psyche and heart, I think. I hope your renewed effortd will take you wherever it is you are supposed to go. Margo
We're right here for ya sweetie. Good luck. And print it now, now, now I say.
Emily Suess said…
It must be exciting and scary. Hope you find out everything you need to know and anything you want to know.
Cynthia said…
I've had my paperwork for about four years now. I've filled it out. I've written the check. I've even put a (now outdated) stamp on the envelope, but it's still sitting in a stack of paperwork. One of these days, I'm going to mail that sucker in.

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