We did it! Tyler is now officially enrolled in preschool. We toured the new facility yesterday and I was seriously impressed. Very VERY nice setup. Tyler got to play in his new classroom and meet his new teacher. She seems very sweet. The director of the school is a former kindergarten teacher with many years experience and her assistant is her former teacher's aide from her teaching days. I thought it was cool that when she got the Director's job she hired someone she had worked with so closely in the past. I got such a great feeling from all the staff (which was NOT the case with some of the instructors at Tyler's other school/camp).

Tyler seems really excited about starting school. He keeps telling me he needs to go to school NOW and wait for all the kids to get there. LOL They don't officially open their doors for business until next Monday...and because of camp and our vacation, I decided to start him the Monday after Labor Day.

I have mixed emotions, as always. It did help to see how happy and animated Tyler was in the school and how well he interacted with his new teacher. She is expecting a baby and will be going on leave in that made me a little sad. I hope the sub will be just as nice.

Moving on to a new topic... Sparty is doing really well. I am thinking of changing his name to butterball! It's amazing how he has plumped up over the last 2 days. He is like a totally different kitten in personality too. He is playful, full of energy and it's a joy watching him attack my feet and zip around in Tyler's room playing with his toys. I am keeping him in Tyler's room and away from Sasha per our vet's recommendation, until he gets his shots and can be tested for illness.

I have mixed emotions about wether to keep him or not. John is surprised that I am so on the fence. I really wanted to focus on Sasha during his twilight years and then take a break from pets for a few years once Sasha is gone. Sparty is totally adorable. But I just don't know if I am ready to commit to another 18 years of CAT.

Honestly my emotions have been all over the place, in general, lately. I'm having some sort of crisis and I'm not sure I can put it into words. I was handed a cold dose of reality the other day and thoughts in my head have kept me relatively sleepless. Of course, round the clock feedings of Sparty have done nothing to help me sleep either...but my brain has been refusing to shut down.

Let's just say the wind has been taken out of my sails and I'm no longer sure what path to take. I'm left questioning things I haven't thought about before. I don't have the answers and the fact that I don't have the answers is what is scaring me.

I'll keep pondering. Maybe what I need is time.


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