Round Robin Photo Challenge: Who I Am In Black & White

At one time I defined myself by my occupation. I spent 80% of my life in this space. Ten years I dedicated to my company and I was quite successful.

All that exists of this huge chunk of my life are some photos and stolen office supplies. The building was sold and the group I worked with were laid off long ago (including me when I volunteered).

In many ways it was difficult for me to redefine myself once my career identity was removed. The rewards of my new "job" are very different. I can no longer measure my progress by my bank account, promotions or awards of recognition.

Now? This is me...

I am a Mom.

Round Robin Welcome & Rules Of Play

Round Robin Participants

1. Patrick

2. Alan

3. Renee

4. Dawn

5. Lisa

6. Danielle

7. Deb

8. Nancy

9. ~Aunt Nub~

10. Phinney

11. Monica

12. Karen

13. Carly

14. Derek

15. Marie


17. Steven


19. Betty

20. Becky

21. Tess

22. Mary

23. Chris

24. Robbie


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