I'm a little worried about Sparty. In the last 12 hours he refused to eat at two of his feedings. When he did eat, he ate much less than normal. At his most recent feeding I thought I would try a tiny bit of canned kitten food mixed in a thin gruel with his formula. I also had just plain formula in case he wasn't interested in trying something new. He wasn't. And he barely tasted his plain formula.

I don't know what to make of this latest development. I decided to play "momma cat" and I pretended to drink out of his water bowl, formula saucer and formula mixed with cat food saucer; each in turn. He actually tasted the water, which made me happy...and he was watching me like a hawk! I could see the wheels turning as he came over to sniff what I was "eating". I'm going to go in there periodically and act like hungry momma cat and see if he gets the idea.

Another interesting discovery...chicken flavor canned kitten food smell makes Tyler gag quite dramatically. The only other food I've discovered that earns this same reaction is the smell of Tyson frozen teriyaki chicken breasts fresh from the micro.

At least now I know he won't be going in his room to bug the kitten as long as there is kitten food out. LOL! That kid has a very sensistive nose. It's no wonder he is such a picky eater.


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