I am so NOT a "log cabin in the woods" type girl. All my camping trips as a child could count towards time served in hell. They were disastrous, at best. I don't fish, hike, chop wood, hunt, or any of those other rustic kinds of activities. You want to know my idea of roughing it? This is it. And in October, this is where we'll be! Our little (*cough cough*) cabin in the woodsy mountains of Tennessee.

Why are we going to Pigeon Forge, TN? (Seriously...that's what it's called. Pigeon Forge. I have images of flocks of pigeon's trying to swim across a river...) We are hooking up with friends who recommended this area for run and relaxation!

I haven't seen my friend Kim in ages. I haven't met her new baby either! Driving to Alabama is not exactly a trip to the corner store for this is our compromise. A fun place to go that is an easy drive for her and a new adventure for us. I will need another vacation after the upcoming weekend with my parents anyway. But honestly I can't wait to hang out and watch our kids play together!

Yep. Soaking in my hot tub while I take in this view is my idea of roughing it. I am really looking forward to this trip. I told you I was spoiled, right? Can I also mention that an entire week of renting this gorgeous cabin is still CHEAPER than the upcoming weekend at the Cape with Nanny and grumpy Grampie will be? Yeah. Crazy.

And totally off the topic...October also brings to market the latest object of my affection.

Isn't it purdy?! *drool*


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