Well...kitty is a HE and thin, but healthy. About 5 weeks old, so not ready to be away from mama. I'll be stopping to get special replacement formula for him on my way home. (Hey Kas! Any recommendations for me?)

The story is...I was on my way home after dropping Tyler off at camp when I half noticed a truck far ahead of me on the side of the road. The truck pulled away and a car just ahead of me swerved to avoid something in the road. I had to pull the same maneuver, and it took a moment to register that it was a tiny gray kitten I just drove around. He was moving slow and wobbly into the middle of the lane.

I quickly pulled over, slammed on the hazard lights and ran back down the road. Luckily the woman driving behind me saw the kitten BEFORE she drove over it and she stopped short right behind him, using her car as a barricade. She picked up the kitten just before I reached her and was checking him over for injury.

She said he seemed fine and handed him to me saying she was a massage therapist and late for work. She smiled at me and said "I think he's found a good home" as the kitten crawled up under my chin and licked sweat from my neck. I hurried home with kitty clinging to my neck the entire way. He gulped down about an ounce of warm skim milk (all I had on hand to give him) and I was happy I still had a baby medicine syringe to use for him. I called the vet and she took us right away.

Vet says his lungs sound good, he's clean, no fleas...thin but should fatten up with regular feedings of formula (every 2-3 hours) and in a week he can try some kitten food.

Lord? I know I said I wanted another baby...but THIS is not what I meant. And it's another BOY. LOL Ah well. Round the clock feedings, I guess, will get me back in practice.

Oh boy...what is JOHN going to say when he gets home???


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