- I've seen so much hullabaloo about Madonna adopting the kid from Africa that I feel, as an adoptive parent, I should say something. Um. Madonna? Just so you know... people who adopt aren't saintly or special. We adopt simply because it's a great way to start a family (particularly when your girlie parts aren't cooperating). I sure hope you adopted for the right reasons and that your new son has a great life. Honestly, I feel most celebs who adopt are doing so because they feel guilty for having so much money and this is one way to do some good with it. But I don't know any celeb parents to ask, so I'll just leave it at that.

- In a effort to save money, I killed my subscription to my Eaton Press Masterpieces of Science Fiction book-o-the-month club. For the past year or so, I've actually stopped buying new books from Amazon (except for John Scalzi's new books which I must have as soon as they are published) and I've taken the time to READ all those pretty leather bound editions of classic SciFi...or Skiffy...or what ever the current cool kids' term is. Naturally I started with titles I was familiar with. I re-read a few Heinlein classics (probably my all time fav author), some Le Guin, a Pohl, some Asimov, H.G. Wells, Verne, Burroughs (I get a kick out of the more dated "rocket to the moon" SF from the 40s and 50s)...and I've found new passion for more contemporary SF authors like Orson Scott Card. But for some reason I kept putting Arthur C. Clarke's books back on the shelf.

Why? Because I hated 2001: A Space Odyssey...the movie. HATED it. If you know me at all or have been reading my blog for a while, you know it's exceedingly rare for me to HATE any movie. I won't go into all the reasons why I hate it, but I've been sort of unconsciously punishing Clarke for it by avoiding his other works. Until last night. I started reading Childhood's End. Really, it was the intro that George Zebrowski wrote (another good writer) and, more so, the foreword that Clarke himself wrote explaining why he had gone back and edited his first chapter and how his opinions on "the supernatural" have changed over the years. I found myself laughing and drawing parallels to the wit and career of one of my other current fav authors, Mr. John Scalzi.

So, Arthur C. Clarke, please forgive me for being a tad judgmental. And you are right...the mini-series"V" totally ripped you off! (Loved that show!)

Clarke, Asimov and Heinlein...they are like the holy trinity of SciFi. At least they were in the early 80s. I wonder if any other author in that genre will ever achieve that level of fame and recognition. Stephen King comes to mind...but he has transcended genre. Enough with the musings on science fiction.

- Am I going to Mommy Hell because I let Max sleep on his belly and in bed with me? I'm blogging and watching him sleep so peacefully right now. I find I am much more relaxed with Max than I was with Tyler. I was SO afraid of doing the wrong thing with Ty. Paranoid and anxious...checking obsessively to make sure he was breathing...dressing him in too many layers...making everyone wash their hands even if they just wanted to LOOK at the baby... Good times, good times. I was such a freak out case. Now I get why my parents were so strict with me and so laid back with my brother. He got away with murder! Yes, I'm still resentful. Ha!

- Ty has been so sweet with Max. Yesterday he gave Max a kiss on the head and said "I love you baby Max!" I just melted! Now if I could just figure out how to encourage Ty to be more independent without him feeling like he's being punished...I'd be golden. Any tips on how to get a kid to dress himself?

- I have a video of Max I want to post, but it's a bit dark (low lighting conditions). Maybe I'll do that later. I have a book here that I want to get back to...no clue what those Overlords look like yet.


Gail in MN said…
My son slept on his tummy all the time. Very rarely was he on his back.......but that was in the olden days before letting baby sleep on his tummy was a big no-no.

It's a wonder any those children survived!! We didn't even make them wear bike helmets!! And they actually had lots of free time that wasn't scheduled up the wahzoo! And we let them walk to school alone!!

I guess being ignorant was bliss back then......
Astaryth said…
First.. Heinlein RULES! That said, I got a copy of the first of John's books the other day (first time I had caught one in a book store) and really liked his style. Can't wait to get hands on the others. Have you tried Bujold? I really like her stuff, and she reminds me a little of Heinlein also.

Getting Tyler to dress... Try asking him to help you dress the baby. Then see if he wants to pick out his own outfits.. Might encourage him to dress himself... Each kid is different!
jennifer said…
I agree with JJ. Let him help with Max and then tell him that will be his job later as a big bro: teaching little bro how to dress so he'll know how to do it. And let him choose his own clothes. (Yikes!)

But then there's always the reverse psychology angle. Tell him he's too young to dress himself and, hopefully, he'll prove you wrong.
I don't know, but when the issue of sleeping positions comes up, I always remember that Colin Baker's kid died of SIDS.
Laura said…
thank you becky for saying what i feel about madonna adopting that beautiful boy. it bugged me that she talked so much about her helping this child, yada, yada, yada.
i flat out tell folks my adopting daniel was purely selfish....i fell in love with him and wanted him, pure and simple. nothing saintly about it. honestly i get uncomfortable and embarrassed when one talks about the nobleness of it all.
okiay the nicu nurse in me stresses back to sleep....okay?
the mommy in me will join you in mommy hell because we co-slept with our kids. yeah, i know, look how they turned out. LOL
seriously, you will get through these newborn sleep or lack of sleep issues. hang in there.
i would reassure you that i was stressed big time with my first too. we joke that we are so relaxed now that daniel will probably be having a kegger in the livingroom while we sleep upstairs when he is holly's age.....JOKING! but we are much more relaxed. i guess because we see what works for us and what doesn't and we also realize that these strange little creatures that are our childrn don't break so easily.
max, like tyler, is amazing!
Chris said…
We used to fret about the sleeping face down thing, but after Trevor would ONLY and I mean ONLY sleep that way, we gave in....and things went smoothly.

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Pickle Jenn said…
If you are going to mommy hell, so am I...

Both of my kids co-sleep... Rowan is almost 5 and you'll still find her sleeping with us... and Zach probably won't start sleeping in his own bed until he is about 2 1/2 just as his sister was...

Although, both of my kids did sleep on their back/sides... just because they stayed like that... I didn't position them or use those things to keep them from moving...

Barbara said…
To get Ty to dress himself you could try stickers, one sticker for everyday he dresses himself at the end of a week he gets a prize.
Another idea that worked better for us was to tell Makayla that we didn't think she could dress herself before we counted to 10 or 20 or whatever number. Of course she always won no matter how slow I had to count.
My kids all slept on their tummies that was before it was wrong. My youngest son slept with us for yrs, Makayla ( grand daughter) sleep with her mom and sometimes with me and she is 6.
Max is adorable and I am so glad that Ty is loving his new baby brother.

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