Oh, grow up!

It's funny. I often remember hearing the words "Don't be in such a hurry to grow up!" when I was a kid. I understand what my parents and other adults were trying to say. Kids grow up too fast...childhood flies by before we know it and we miss the sweetness and innocence of how we and our kids were/are in their younger years.

But what about newborns? I found myself thinking last night as I was feeding Max at 3 AM; "I hope you start sleeping through the night soon, Sweet Pea." During the day I found myself thinking, in turn, "I can't wait until you...hold your own head up, sit up, crawl, start talking."

Then it finally hit me. I had a hard time remembering many details of when Tyler was a newborn. It was a haze of fatigue, bottles, diapers, spitup. I was in a hurry for Tyler, the individual, to arrive. I'm not really in a hurry for my sons to grow up, I'm just in a hurry to get past the helplessness and repetitive nature of infancy so I can get to know the person my son will become.

But I don't want my earliest memories of Max to be a blur. I'm going to make a conscious effort to file away specific memories of holding Max, feeling his warm breath on my neck as he snuggles in to sleep, smelling the sweet baby smell of his hair, feeling the grip of his little fingers around my thumb as I feed him, tickling his feet when I change his diaper...

Yes, this part is a hard part; but it has it's rewards too. I don't want to be in too much of a hurry for Max to grow up.

Off the subject, we got another nice surprise from some co-workers of John's. Thanks to the J&J account team for the great gift basket! I've never received one of these fancy layette baskets before. Sweet!

Thanks J&J Team!


Donna said…
I get so excited when I get notice of a new entry in your journal! I figure I'll read something about the baby, and I love that.
BoiseLadie said…
Enjoy every moment, while it lasts. Babies grow up way too fast, before you know it, they're 18 and making plans for their own lives. Love the gift basket you received. Beautiful.
jennifer said…
LOL And then when they DO start walking and talking, all we wish they'd do is sit down and be quiet! Love, love, love the gift basket. You guys have such thoughtful colleagues. Kisses to Ty and Max.
Aria said…
Aww what a sweet basket.

They do grow up too fast, but it's nice anticipating the fun you're going to have also.
Laura said…
i've said it before and i say it agai n from my heart my friend, inhale deeply and savor thsi moment right now. all four of you are truly blessed and it makes me smile knowing that.
hugs for all of you.
That's very wise of you. May you remember this in those stressful moments when you want this phase to be over!

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