A Visit to PetSmart

After completely cleaning out the new tank and letting the water cycle through the filter for 24 hours, today we headed out to PetSmart to get Tyler some new fish friends. We did extensive internet research this week to see what kinds of fish might be a little more hearty than the fragile gold fish Tyler won at the fair. We were also interested to see which fish would get along well with each other.

We arrived at PetSmart armed with a list of fish varieties and after showing Tyler the various tanks, we decided on Zebra Danios and Guppies. Chris, the friendly PetSmart aquarium department worker, tested our tank water (for free) and gave us the thumbs up on water quality. He wrangled the speedy fish into a bag and we were on our way!

Once home, the fish spent some time bobbing in the new tank while still in their plastic sack to give them time to acclimate to the new tank temperature. Then John snagged them with our net and plopped them into their new home.

You know me...I brought my camera along on our little excursion. You can check out the slide show of our day here.

Update: Forget that link. The slide show isn't working. So here is something different.


Shari said…
How exciting :)
My boys LOVED their fish tanks!
The actually became very good at the toilet burial, lol. We would have a few words then :::flush:::
For some reason I went thru a lot of fishies :(
looks a LOT like our shirts!!!

Anonymous said…
hope the new little guys fare better. netti
I hope these fish are longer lived, and I know Tyler will enjoy them a lot! Margo
PS Couldn't seem to get to the pictures-they wanted me to sign in as you, using your password. Did I do smething wrong?
Dawn said…
We have all gone to those fish funerals that lead to the ocean. Some things never change from one generation to the next. Love the matching shirts. Tyler is in my prayers.
Holly said…
aww, sounds like a fun trip to Petsmart. Lol, I have to say, I LOVE the matching shirts!
That's how it started with me and fish, back in fourth grade. I had a goldfish, and Dad added two more, and they didn't get enough oxygen in the bowl and died. So we got a ten gallon "community fish tank." The angelfish and blue gouramis and dwarf gouramis were mean, but the catfish, plecostomus, zebras, neon tetras, tiger barbs, guppies, mollies and swordtails were all great, and so were my kissing gouramis, most of the time. I actually sold mollies and swordtails to the fish store for a while - they breed pretty readily.

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