Do I have to be the Mom today?

Sometimes it SUCKS to be the Mom. Poor Tyler had a painful test/procedure done today that we fought and fought against. We really didn't think he needed it, but the doctor insisted, scared us shitless about the potential risks if there IS a problem that goes undiagnosed, and made us feel like we were crappy parents for arguing with them.

I'm sorry, but when it comes to my son I am going to fight tooth and nail to protect him.

Almost 2 months ago I brought Tyler in to see a doctor (not his regular one) on an emergency because he'd been running a high fever for a couple days. He tested positive for Strep and, at the time, they also took a urine sample. It took them a month and a half (!) to get the results back to us. Turned out he had a UTI also (rare in boys). Hence the doctor feeling the need for this STUPID TEST.

They did a VCUG on Tyler today. If you are a guy or squeamish, you might want to stop reading here. This entailed ramming a tube the width of my pinkie up his urethra and into his bladder, filling his bladder with contrast solution to the point of bursting and then telling Tyler to pee it all out...all while they take X-rays of his plumbing.

I knew how Tyler was going to do during this test. He tried his best to cooperate, but that tube insertion hurt like a ... pardon my French ... motherfucker! The poor kid just howled in pain and there was nothing we could do but hold his hands and talk him through it. We argued and begged for medication of some kind before the test. No 4 year old should have to go through something invasive like this without either a mild sedative to calm him or at the very least a local numbing agent on the tube. They wouldn't give him ANYTHING. They claimed it might impair the results if he had loss of sensation or he wasn't 100% conscious to pee on command.

Grr! Bullshit! Now, hours later, my poor kid needs to pee sooo bad. He started to and the burning pain was so bad he stopped and is now holding it in, afraid to go. Not good. Not good at all. I've gave him Tylenol when we got home. Motrin a little while ago. He had a warm bath. I'm at a loss watching him pace the floor, hunched over and crying in pain. All I can do is hug him and hope things are better tomorrow.

It sucks that I can't fix this for him. I'm so conflicted. If the results come back and there is nothing wrong, I'm going to have a violent urge to kick the crap out of a certain doctor. But of course I don't WANT there to be anything wrong. I dread that.

God, my head hurts.


amy said…
I feel for you. With all of Maggie's heart stuff she's had to go through a's hard to maintain your cool when you are hardwired to protect your child at all costs...
Hope Tyler feels better and I hope you had a stiff drink at some point.
I am so sorry that Tyler and you all had to go through such an awful ordeal. Sometimes I think most doctors should be made to watch their child go through the test first. No kids? Then he/she should not work with kids. Hope Tyler is better this morning. Margo
Vanda said…
Hello from England.

Poor baby having to go through that at such a young age. Hope he's feeling better by now.
Aria said…
So I've now tried to comment 4 times. Finally seem to have enough connection to read the letter below.

Huge hugs to you guys, big smooches for Ty. I sure hope he's feeling better and you guys are all recovered.

We're hoping for a clear test!
Kelly said…
((Tyler & Becky))
Hope he's feeling better and the tests come back A.O.K
Cynthia said…
Poor Tyler and poor mom. I'm so sorry y'all have to go through this. Maybe some Benadryl to help him get a little sleepy and relaxed might help. Good test results and you having a blast dressing that doctor down are in my prayers.
Laura said…
OMG! That is outrageous....poor Tyler!
I say we join forces as angry mommies and stage a coup and ram an unlubricated garen hose into that doc's urethra without any pain meds and see how he likes it.
I am medically trained. I know how.
Hugs to Tyler and mom and dad too.
Shari said…
Oh poor Tyler! I cannot imagine having to be the mom that day either :*(
I'm late in reading and I pray he is feeling better and you have gotten some results back.
Becky, you are all in my thoughts, that his test comes back perfect (((hugs)))
How awful! I know it's likely to take a long time to get the results, but at least tell me Tyler has recovered from the procedure itself!
Anonymous said…
OMG!!!! I'd be crying. poor kid. lots of hugs and kisses and any movies, video games, and candy his little heart wants for going through that ordeal like a trouper. my heart is with you becki, i'd be upset too netti
Chris said…
:X :X :X :X
My pee pee hurts now.

I know what you mean. When Trevor had to have 4 teeth pulled I wanted to cry for him. It sucks being helpless when your child is in pain.

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