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Oh man, what a rough week. On Tuesday I came down with some sort of intestinal bug that I thought, at first, was food poisoning. But John soon followed me into the bathroom and Tyler finished out the week with a bout of "poop soup" as we came to call it. Sorry to be so graphic, but it was brutal!

I came within inches of setting up a TV table in the bathroom so I could use my laptop in there. I was spending so much time sitting on the sounded like a swell idea at the time.

When I am under the weather, I tend to spend even more time at the PC than normal. So, yes, that means I just about live at my desk. One thing I like to do online that I don't think I've talked about before is, I like to take surveys.

I belong to a couple of consumer research sites and they tap my brain fairly often for my opinions on everything from bathroom cleaners to cell phones and everything in between. They will even send me stuff to test out at home. So yeah, I'm the Mrs. Joe Average who decided that new tropical breeze scent of a famous room freshener was a swell idea.

My dream? I want to be a Nielsen household! You know...when you hear a new TV show was #1 in the NielsenTV ratings? Those are average American households that participate in the Nielsen Company's TV viewing research. I want one of those cool boxes on top of my TV so I can add my viewing preferences to that national average that determines whether a show will stay on the air or get the boot. Talk about power and influence!

OK, so TV isn't exactly world domination, but hey - once I get off the toilet, it'd be nice to know that my favorite TV shows will still be on the air.

And if you're interested in expressing your opinion on "stuff", check out and sign up for NFO.


Chris said…
This was a crappy post.....:x

Did you intend to referance diarrhea and toilet cleaner in the same post? LOL

Hope you feel better!!!

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BoiseLadie said…
Hope you're all feeling better.
Unhinged said…
You are seriously nuts, woman. I tried to be a Neilsen householder because my ex wanted me to ... but all of that listing, keeping track of time, date, etc., etc., made me feel like I had ants in my pants.

Speaking of which, are yours down at your ankles right now because you're sitting on the john reading this?
Oh, we had that a few weeks ago. It caused a great deal of

you know, when you think you are going to fart and you poop on yourself.

Oh, great techo goddess, is there a way to take a tape that is on VHS and upload it to a computer?
There is a very small chance that a teen girl I know is going to make an adoption plan for her baby. She spent the night her two nights (I am talking her out of aborting her 19 week pregnancy). I told her that I know two wonderful families that are looking for a baby. You were one of them.

WOuld you be interested if she makes an adoption plan, and doesn't abort the poor baby, and if her boyfriend and her don't keep it (she already has a four year old).

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