The Letter M Means Mmm!

This Monday Morning Photo Shoot is brought to you by...the letter M! M as in Morinaga and Meiji; manufacturers of my favorite Japanese candies. Mmm! I just got a fresh supply today, via mail order, from an Asian grocer in San Francisco. Yes, we have a few Asian food stores around here; but they seem to specialize in Chinese and Korean goodies. It's hard to find my favorite treats.

One treat that is sadly lacking from this current batch is my beloved Botan rice candies. They come in a little box like my milk caramels pictured at the right, but the box is red and white. I haven't been able to locate them in years. Perhaps no one imports them anymore because they might not be a good fit for American palates. Each semi-sheer white candy is wrapped in an edible square of rice paper. The paper melts in your mouth. It's really very cool. How many candies have you ever eaten that you could consume them, wrapper and all?

Hopefully I'll find them again, one of these days. If any of my regular readers happen to frequent any Asian food marts...keep your eyes peeled at the checkout stand? If you spot Botan Rice Candies, pick me up a dozen or so boxes. I'm good for it.

Meanwhile, Tyler has gone bonkers for all these sweet and tasty treats. I may be ordering more sooner than I expected. [insert wry grin here]

Oh, and for those curious sorts who wanted to see my new "do". Here ya go. I washed that gray right outta my hair!


heebee jeebee said…
you can get botan rice candies from not sure if they are "the ones" but have a look. hope that helped!!
Robbie said…
It looks like your other commenter had the same idea. Here's the link:

Hair looks good! I need to do mine. I use a rinse so it seems everytime there are more grays to cover. UG!
ally said…
japanese candy is the best! i know the candy you are referring to. i haven't had them in years.

i like the new hair-do.

i have been a major slacker doing the rounds. sorry from a formerly aol-j'er to blogger.
Dawn said…
Becky, You new do looks great. Here's another link for you to try.
Botan Rice Candy, found it in Google. Good luck.
Dawn said… Here's that link. DAH!!!
Anonymous said…
botan rice candies? I'll try to remember that next time I go to New York. will even look around here for ya. LOVE the doo! the color is fabulous on ya! nettie

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