You'd think after our super fun family vacation that we'd be exhausted and stay home for the weekend...but no! We headed out on Saturday to a new place that just opened near us. Kidz FunZone has an indoor glow-in-the-dark mini golf course, a small arcade, and a play room geared to the 5 and under set. First up was a round of mini-golf!

Fun course, eh? I'm such a geek for black light. This is my first experiment with a YouTube video. Hope that worked.

Then it was on to the games! Ty and John played a few rounds of air hockey, then shot some hoops, then hit the foozehockey table, and finally had a lovely pretend dinner (cooked up by Tyler) in the play room.

One thing I noticed (and you will too if you go look at the Shutterfly album) is, Tyler has a game face! The expression on his face after he launches a basketball toward the hoop is hilarious! What concentration!

We rounded out the evening with a visit to Yokohama Japanese Steak House for some hibachi dinner. I love watching the action as our chef prepared the meal right in front of us. I think this place has the best hibachi of all the steak houses we frequent. Later we stopped at 7-11 for a "squishy ice" treat (as Tyler calls it) - gotta love those Slurpees.

Super fun family time will continue next weekend, hopefully, with the arrival of Independence Day! Last year's local carnivals and fireworks were a bit of a bust. This year we plan to venture further in search of July 4th fun.


Celeste said…
Glad yall had such a good time@!
Anonymous said…
your voice sounds different than i thought it would...

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