I Did It!

No, I didn't send the form yet. The notary had left early for the day when we headed over on Saturday. *sigh* But it's ready to go! I'll catch the notary some time this week.

What I did do? I cut and colored my hair! Finally, no more gray! I chopped off about 5 inches and my new shade is Sedona Sunset. Yep! I went red. Well...reddish brown. But that's WILD for me. My hair has been the same color for decades. Ever time I've passed a mirror in the last couple hours I do a startled double-take. Is that really me??? I can't wait to see how red this looks in sunshine.

If the sunshine ever returns. It's been raining here for days.


Good for you! I hope you can find out what you need, and I bet you look good with Sedona Sunset hair. Enjoy. Margo
Celeste said…
Get that form sent in! I have though of doing my hair.
Time for new picture!
HollyMomWife said…
I wanna see a picture!! :) I love red hair. Actually, I have a box of hair dye in my bathroom that i have been considering using here soon. I have so much gray hair for just turning 30! LOL

You sound so happy about it, can't wait to see the pictures! ;)
Aria said…
woohoo!!! I've been contemplating some henna to kick things up here.
Sedona sunset sounds wonderful. judi
Shari said…
WOOHOO! I love reds!
Pics needes :)
Unhinged said…
I'm behind you 100%, whatever makes you feel right inside.

But what I REALLY want to know is this: Did you make the appointment with you-know-who?
Cynthia said…
Pictures girl, we want pictures!
Ann said…
{{{BECKY}}} I was so happy to see the comment you left! Ty is getting so big! Such a cutie!!! Lets see a pic of that new hair. :) --The phone call entry-- How adorable is that?. Have a great Tuesday. :) ~Ann

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