It's a joy watching Tyler try new things. Lately Tyler has been paying close attention to TV commercials. He figured out long ago that the products advertised actually exist in real life, but now he also realizes that if he asks for something he sees on TV, he just might get it. So he asks for EVERYTHING in the hopes we will say yes.

The latest thing my husband gave in to was a request for Lucky Charms cereal. Personally, I am much happier when Ty eats Cheerios or Kix (less sugar, more fiber) but it is fun watching the sheer joy on his face when he sees all those colorful marshmallow bits. What my darling husband often doesn't see is the aftermath.

Did you know that 3 bowls full of Lucky Charms will produce a pull-up full of NEON GREEN poo? That color just doesn't exist in nature. (And yes, we've made some progress on the pooping in the potty front but he will often put on his pull-up training pants himself and go hide to poop. So much for letting him run around here, commando style.)

And in other news... We have two costumes in the running for Halloween night. Exhibit A is shown here. Hopefully Exhibit B will come in the mail today so I can post it tomorrow. Then y'all can vote for your favorite.

Today I decided to hang out a while longer at preschool to really watch Tyler in action. He is a little stinker! He was clowning around and distracting the other kids during circle time. I was cringing a bit at how often his teacher had to correct his behavior. Nothing really awful, he just wasn't listening well and he was whispering and fooling around with the other kids. I'll have to have a talk with him later.

On the plus side, when circle time broke up Ty went to his cubby to retrieve a little something to show me. As I admired his work he announced that he had made it for me. I was so pleased! I asked him if he was sure he wanted to give his treasure to me and he said, "Yes! Because I love you!" Aww! Melty sappy mommy moment...

See my present! I'm going to wear it all day.


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