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We're back! Actually, we've been back since Tuesday, but I've been too burnt out (and burnt) to post. In addition to a nasty sunburn, I have other souvenirs from this weekend that I didn't want.

I wrote a four day blow by blow account of our weekend, but it's sitting on the husband's laptop still. I've asked him twice to email it to me, but he keeps forgetting. So I'll just do a fast recap. I don't think anyone really wants to read all the painful details anyway.

It took us 8.5 hours to drive there (multiple traffic nightmares). I was dressed in my best schlubby travel clothes (magic marker stained tee-shirt and stretch pants) and my hair looked like I was playing in a wind storm. Looking around, the rest of the hotel guests milling about the property looked like a photo spread from Town & Country magazine. I felt VERY out of place and under dressed. To add injury to insult? I tripped over the front step and fell sprawling into the lobby with a resounding thud.

I landed HARD on my left knee, hip and elbow. I was able to get back to my feet and I think I convinced all the people who came running to my aid that I was uninjured. Of course, that was a baldfaced lie. I was in agony! I could feel the blood seeping from my knee through my pants. Luckily they were black. I got us checked in and tried to ignore the waves of pain radiating up my leg and from my elbow.

(Check out the steps leading up to the hotel in my photo album above. I had to make my way back DOWN those steps. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.)

The pain from this weekend didn't abate. My parents who were so eager to spend time with their grandson? We barely saw them. They weren't interested in doing any of the activities that Tyler likes to do (pool, beach, park) so we basically only saw them for dinner each night. Our room? Not worth the money.

I probably should have gone to see a doctor. My knee and elbow swelled up and once I added sunburn on my right side on our first day out...I was unable to sleep. At all. I was also unable to walk well. Naturally our cottage was just close enough to the main hotel to make driving sorta ridiculous but just far enough to kill me.

On the plus side? I loved the was just the right temp for me. John thought it was too cold. The food was also fantastic. I happily ordered what ever I wanted (remember my Mother's bargain to pay for all our dinners? I held her to it.) Mmm! Seafood!

I'm putting up all the photos I took (both serious and silly) because I think some of you will appreciate the strange things I take pictures of. I didn't send most of these to the grands. They don't get me. The verdict? We won't be going back to the Chatham Bars Inn. It's not our cup of tea.

As for other news...John had his annual cardiac stress test today (he has mitral valve prolapse, a.k.a. MVP). Doc says his test results actually improved over last year. Yay! John needing valve replacement surgery or surgery to repair an aortic dissection (the thing that killed John Ritter) is one of those fears always eating me beneath the surface.

Ty starts preschool on Monday!! Eeeeek!

Um...oh yes. Sparty had his second checkup at the vet today. He got dewormed, one shot and has another appointment 3 weeks from now for more tests. Vet says he is doing well, gained lots of weight and seems healthy. Sparty was REALLY happy to see us when we got back from our trip. My pet sitter says he didn't like her. He hissed at her! LOL Feisty. And finally, today Sparty fell asleep on my chest. He has not been a real cuddly kitten (not since the first day I brought him home) so that was a nice change of pace. He may just win me over if he'll just start eating solid food too!

Lastly...I promised Jennifer that I would match any funds contributed in her little J-Land comment fund raiser. Details here: okay, so here's the deal...

OK, so I went a little overboard. The Red Cross got $250 from us. Are you a regular customer? They have one-click contributions to The Red Cross available at their site, to make it easy on you. I haven't posted anything about Katrina in my blog before now because I've been at a complete loss for words. I guess I'll just let my money do the talking.


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