A little tale from school...

How to stop the music: There were these two obnoxious guys who lived next door to John and his room mate. They used to play their stereo REALLY LOUD at all hours of the day and night. Not uncommon, it was college, after all...but the song they chose to play over and over and over? Blondie's Call Me. Good song, but not after the 50th play in a row. No one on their floor could sleep or study or think.

John got this brilliant idea. They shared a common wall with outlets on either side. If he could short out his outlet it would probably blow the one on the other side of the wall too. No more stereo. But how to do it...hmm.

John took an old broken radio and removed the power cord. He striped the wires on the cord and twisted them together but left the plug on the other end intact. The power would have no where to go and the result should have been to take out the outlet and possibly the circuit breaker too.

But who would be brave (or stupid) enough to plug this contraption into the wall? Not John! Judy was. (John suspected Judy liked him, but he was too chicken to do anything about it.) After some hesitation and debate, Judy snatched the plug out of John's hands and rammed it home into the outlet. The results were, indeed, explosive. Loud bangs and sparks shot out from the wall...and after what seemed an eternity, darkness. They had blown the circuit breaker for half their floor!

Alas...starting in the next room, the obnoxious boys were on a different breaker and the music played on. Call me! On the line! You can call me, call me anytime...

I wish I could have seen the look on the dorm monitor's face when John confessed to the crime.


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