Tyler and I put my new set of scissors to good use today. We did a special project as a surprise for Father's Day. I won't give away any details here...since my husband reads my blog.

Tyler loves the new scissors even more than I do, I think. After we finished the first project, he wanted to make a volcano. No problem! I have loads of construction paper.

The other new toy I was hoping to play more with today is my new Sony digital voice recorder. This thing is about the size of your standard frozen fish stick but holds hours of audio. All I do is talk, plug a USB cable into my PC, and voila...my words are turned into text in my favorite word processing program.

I can just blab on and on and tada...instant journal entry.

Well...not quite. I need to spend some time setting up and configuring my voice recognition software first. According to the manual, it will take an hour to calibrate Dragon Naturally Speaking to recognize my speech patterns. Once I get that set up, the software will take my little digital recordings and translate them into editable text.

I can also use the voice recognition software to control my PC with my voice...open and close programs, save files, browse the internet, etc. Cool beans! If I can just find the time, peace and quiet I need to muddle through all these manuals.


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