I got a bit of a surprise today. John IM'd me out of the blue and asked if I had an extra copy of our portfolio on hand.


Apparently, we was having a casual conversation with a female coworker. She is pregnant and he was joking around about raising kids. He mentioned that Tyler was adopted and she was instantly interested in adoption and the process we went through.

John shared details and then mentioned we were currently waiting to adopt baby #2. That is when this co-worker mentioned WHY she was interested. Her 15 year old cousin recently revealed she is pregnant and the family is in a bit of an uproar over what to do.

So brilliant husband provided her with the contact info for our agency (which just happens to be right around the corner from the cousin) so she can get free counseling...AND he gives the co-worker a copy of our portfolio for her cousin to look at and consider (emailed rapidly by me and printed instantly at the office by John).


...wouldn't that be something...

It's WAY too soon to go there yet. But I can be cautiously optimistic. Right?


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